We`re specialised in PLC technologies and represent the products of the following manufacturers: Homag, Holzma, Brandt, Weeke, Buetfering, Friz, Ligmatech,  SCHEUCH, KUPER, MARTIN, ROBLAND, VITAP, ORMA, STETON, JKF industri, SUPERFICI, BARBERAN, NESTRO, BACCI, BADRINAS, BREVETTI, CORAL, NUOVA VALMAGGI, INTERGRUP, LANGZAUNER, OSAMA, TOSKAR, TURANLAR, WEIMA, FREUD, GUHDO, FABA, FUL, TIGRA, BSP, GAMMA ZINKEN.


Our customers - manufacturers of furniture, doors and windows. 

We choose and offer you products by the following  principles: 


- absolute recognition all over the world 

- extraodinary comfort 

- technical sophistication 

- easy operation 

- individuality and functionality


HOLZMA HPL 380/43/22
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